Friday, July 25, 2014

Mirror, Mirror ~ Used to Be!

A few months ago the Honey Husband and I had a few days in New Orleans.  We visited one of my favorite "junque" shops - Conrad's - there is always a treasure or two or four to be found in this man's insane amount of clutter.
I fell in love with this piece - it was a dresser mirror - missing the mirror, of course!  I had to have it, and had a vision of exactly what I would do with it.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the rescue!
Of course, since it was chalk paint, I did absolutely nothing to it before painting it, except for wiping the layers of dust off of it.
I put the "Old White" directly onto the wood, and topped some areas with "Versailles" - I gave it a good sanding, scratched a bit of paint off in a couple of areas, and wiped it with a damp sponge in a few spots.  I then topped it off with my own mix of clear Johnson's Paste Wax, followed up a mix of Johnson's mixed with brown paint (no clue what kind or color) - I mixed it a while back and have used it several times - it's almost a sepia color, which works well in our home.
I can't wait to get the chalkboard insert put in sometime soon!
I'll post that when it's all done, but for now.........Cheers!

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