Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's all about the iron

I just love rusty old iron pieces, and I especially love iron that is showcased on beautiful fences, houses and courtyards like in NOLA ~ just a few pictures of pieces that I saw while out and about in the Big Easy over New Years Eve.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Turning 50 in Cajun Country

So Honey and I headed to my beloved Cottage in South Louisiana to celebrate the dreaded 5 - 0.  It was actually Christmas Eve, but I decided to fight it with everything in me and really do it up good by celebrating on New Year's Eve in New Orleans ~ that suited me just fine, and we had a GREAT time!
Just a few shots of the Louisiana I love prior to the party that I loved!

Crawfish traps in South Louisiana, near Iota

Fleur de Lise on the fence across from Dwyers Cafe' - Lafayette

Water Tower in Estherwood, LA

Love the mossy oaks

Bald Eagle in its nest on the I10 span going into NOLA

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll ~

Sweet Pea's Daddy had to work on Saturday, so MeMe and Poppee got to have the little thing for the day ~ which, of course, meant FIELD TRIP!  That's one of my favorite things to go - get in the car, and go ~ just about anywhere!
Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch on Hall Johnson Road in Grapevine, Texas ~ it was just adorable!   She wasn't nearly as impressed with the decor' as I was - but she sure was impressed with the yellow slide!!
That little yellow slide was her delight!

We so give thanks for Ms. Paisley!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's gonna be a Girl ~

My BFF (of 21 years and counting ~ how'd we get this old?!?) is going to be a Grandma! Actually, she prefers to be called Dini ~ which is cute - she's to cute to be a Grandma, or Granny, and certainly not a Maw Maw type!!! Since I live in the Fort Worth area, and baby girl will call Lafayette, La home ~ I was given the honor of doing DECOR' - oh YEAH!! I had a BLAST doing them ~ got tons of great ideas from "PINTEREST" ~ my new favorite site in the whole wide web! and had lots of help from my "local" BFF ~ Lorrie!
Can't wait to officially welcome Baby Paityn into the world sometime later this month!

ADORABLE diaper cake that my TXBFF and I made ~ it was stunning and elegant - loved that it wasn't so "baby"!  

This is my GRANDMAW gift to my BFF - she was sort of in denial ~
baby wash, diapers, bottles, pacifiers - she's gonna need them~

I strung a clothes line across the mantel and hung the Mommy~to~Be's baby dresses - precious!


Cupcakes made out of receiving blankets and new born caps - set in coffee filters
So CUTE~looks like they lost their cheeries on top!  ;@)

Just a bunny basket FULL of goodies - stuff just stuffed all in there
with the bunny on top - cute!!

This was cuter in my head!!  the wind somewhat blew my "lollies"
but they were still adorable!

Can't wait to meet the little sweetie!

The Joy of Life ~

Just a Cajun Girl ~ living "the joy of life ~ "

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Cajun Cottage

Life for a displaced Cajun means going home ~ to Southern Louisiana ~ as often as humanly possible.  It means friends ~ not just casual friends ~ but llifelong FRIENDS.  It means food ~ music ~ celebration ~ and sometimes it means having all of that in Texas ~ when the Cajun girl cannot get home.

But, when she CAN get home, she gets to go HOME ~ to a sweet, sweet little Cajun Cottage way down South, on about 3.5 acres.  Nothing much.  Nothing fancy.  Oh, but does it make this Cajun Girl's heart go pitter patter.

The Cajun Cottage ~ or The Cottage as it's affectionately known as. 
 My "Home" away from Home.

Sha ~ my little sweet cottage ~ I just ADORE this place!

A Cajun Favorite - Crawfish - One of the first things that I go
in search of when I go Home!
Yummo fried alligator!
My poor sweet "Texan" friend gave fried frog legs her best shot ~ she just couldn't do it!!

Treasured Friendships

A few more pictures of my beloved CAJUN COTTAGE

It starts here ~ but goes WAY back!

The blog will start here ~ today ~ but boy if history could talk!  I'll keep it going forward, but I'll mix a little history in here and there, as a friend said to me, sort of like the "Diary of a Mad, Black Woman" ~ nothing history making ~ just life.

Friday, June 10, 2011