Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pinterest Success Stories!

So I am one of those self-admitted Pinterest addicts!  The imagination and ingenuity shown on that site is a constant source of inspiration to me ~ I am often able to find something ~ no, many things ~ that catch my eye.  I am pretty good at "copying" ~ I am not quite so good at "creating."

This is one of the little things that I "copied" ~ copying being loosely used here.  It really was just an inspiration to me, and I hope that I did it my own way.  I just love the outcome!!

The final outcome of my herb wall!
I absolutely LOVE it!!  Thanks Pinterest for this great idea!!!

I had purchased some herb markers some time ago and had them in my "hope chest" - they work perfectly for this!

We put 3 down and 2 across.  We set the straps on the wall with one screw, got them all aligned,
then installed the 2nd screw to tighten it up.  We had to loosen the strap to put the jar in, then tightened it back up.

This is one of the jars - the angle is great - when it rains, the angle will prevent water from overflowing the jar
and washing out all of the dirt, but yet I can still water quite well - the jars are in full sun!

These are the little hose clamps that we secured to the wooden fence with screws.
We used two screws and that made them nice and secure.  We also set them on an angle.

Gathered up a nice assortment of herbs that I love - particularly basil!!

Gathered up all of the essentials, including quart jars and some plumbing hose clamps -
 those were affixed to the wall to hold the jars

So this is what we started with ~ this wall of fence encloses our pool equipment.  Certainly nothing much nice to look at!

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