Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Springtime in Texas!

Honey and I had a glorious weekend getting the yard, deck and pool ready for Springtime.  We absolutely love to grill and have dinner on the deck, and we love to have friends over on a hot summer day to enjoy the pool.

We are also so fortunate to have a nice lot with about 20 oaks on it.  It's just a normal sized lot in Keller - North of Ft. Worth - but it's an older neighborhood.  Although we love our home, really what caught my eye was the established garden and the many trees.  The hostas, the daylillies, the irises ~ they are all pushing up!  I cannot wait for the peonies to start showing themselves ~ they are my absolute favorites!

For a few days now I have been watching, and HEARING, the male cardinal with his very loud song, and the female cardinal with her persistent clicks.  This morning, I found the nest!  It's right outside of my living room window.  I cannot wait to keep an eye on her as she lays eggs, and eventually the little baby cardinals arrive.  The male is keeping a constant song vigil - I wonder what it means?  Is he marking his yard?  He starts early ~ too early for me!  I'd like to be a late sleeper, but that's not possible with him around to claim his territory!!

I'm happy that he decided to call our home his home!!

He looks so beautiful against the vivid blue Texas sky!

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