Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Cajun Cottage

Life for a displaced Cajun means going home ~ to Southern Louisiana ~ as often as humanly possible.  It means friends ~ not just casual friends ~ but llifelong FRIENDS.  It means food ~ music ~ celebration ~ and sometimes it means having all of that in Texas ~ when the Cajun girl cannot get home.

But, when she CAN get home, she gets to go HOME ~ to a sweet, sweet little Cajun Cottage way down South, on about 3.5 acres.  Nothing much.  Nothing fancy.  Oh, but does it make this Cajun Girl's heart go pitter patter.

The Cajun Cottage ~ or The Cottage as it's affectionately known as. 
 My "Home" away from Home.

Sha ~ my little sweet cottage ~ I just ADORE this place!

A Cajun Favorite - Crawfish - One of the first things that I go
in search of when I go Home!
Yummo fried alligator!
My poor sweet "Texan" friend gave fried frog legs her best shot ~ she just couldn't do it!!

Treasured Friendships

A few more pictures of my beloved CAJUN COTTAGE

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